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Latest Update(25/3/2017):

  • Changing camera code, now camera will move closer toward player if the camera colliding with wall.
  • Fixing camera control, now camera control using keyboard and mouse or right analog joystick become more smooth.
  • Fix configuration file code, added file check so config file error fixed.
  • Adding localization / language changer (adding bahasa indonesia).

The next update is Arts!!

Rara Project is an Action RPG that consist of several episode, each episode you will play as different character, but all their story is connected to each other.

First I want to tell you a little bit story in this game. So, Rara is inspired by mahou shoujo from japanese anime series, or more like a genre (google 'mahou shoujo' if you dont know). Basiccally it is a transforming girls that fought evil. In this game we call those girls Rara. The term 'Rara' is an old-javanese or kawi language word that means Girl or Maiden. That's it, more story will be revealed later.

The game that I upload here is more like a prototype for action rpg game. And the main charater is blakened right now, it's not a bug. :)


  • Keyboard and Mouse:
    • W,A,S,D = Move and Menu Selection
    • F = Open Gameplay Menu / Back to Pref Menu
    • Q = Item Shortcut / Set Shortcut at Item Menu
    • E = Skill Shortcut
    • Left Click = Attack
    • Space = Toggle Map
    • Right Click + Mouse Motion (Left/Right) = Rotate Camera
    • Z = Change Camera View
    • C = Object interaction / Familiar Action
  • Joystick:
    • D-Pad, Left Analog = Move and Menu Selection
    • Button 3 (Triangle / Y) = Open Gameplay Menu
    • Button 1 (Circle / B) = Back to Pref Menu
    • L1 = Item Shortcut / Set Shortcut at Item Menu
    • R1 = Skill Shortcut
    • Button 0 (X / A) = Attack
    • Start = Toggle Map
    • Right Analog (Left/Right) = Rotate Camera
    • Right Analog (Up/Down) = Change Camera View
    • R2 = Object interaction / Familiar Action


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Rara Update 7 - Windows.zip 29 MB
Rara Update 7 - Mac.zip 43 MB

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(1 edit)

Seems to be a problem with libXrandr in Fedora 25

$ ./RD_L32
could not load libXrandr.so, Error: libXrandr.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Oh, maybe it's engine error. I'll ask this in the engine forum. Would you mind to test it again in the next update? :)


Nice! Thank You.

I have a question. Your Fedora, is it 64bit or 32bit?

64-bit. Most Linux users are running 64-bit OSes these days.

I see. Maybe its compatibility issue, Starting next update, I'll upload 32bit and 64bit version for linux version. Please download 64bit version when it's ready, maybe tomorrow.

(2 edits)

You may also want to ask around the Godot forums about bundling some of the libraries with the Linux version of the game. This is common practice for games sold from places like GOG and Humble. Steam has it's own runtime for games, but it's still basically the same idea.

Oh, I see. Noted. I've read awhile ago that Godot can bundle external libs, but I must recompile it myself. Anyway, Thanks for the suggestion. And by the way, the latest version is up with 64 bit version for linux, Please try it. :)

The latest update is up. Please test it. Hope it fix all the errors. :)

Sorry... Same error.

"$ ./RD_Linux64
could not load libXrandr.so, Error: libXrandr.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
Segmentation fault (core dumped)"

Heee? The libXrandr.so error appear again??

Seems so... Any luck with bundling libs?

Bundling means recompile, and recompile works best in linux. And right now i dont have linux. So, nah. :(
Yesterday I try installing Ubuntu but i think my laptop hate linux, My live usb installer unreadable, cannot load in BIOS. :(

Maybe I'll try to use Virtual OS within windows to recompile the engine and testing this project in Linux. Hope it works.

Hey, DeadWire, can you test it again?
I already test it on Ubuntu and Linux Mint and it works perfectly.

It's running now on my Arch box. Great job!

Good, 1 more confirmed linux distro. :)
But what about Fedora? You still use it?

Not at the Moment. But if it runs in Debian and Arch based distros, I can't see why it would have problems in Fedora

Yeah, if you use fedora again, please test the latest update of my game again.
Anyway thanks for your help. :)

(1 edit)

Have you given any thought to open sourcing the code? Assets could remain non-free so you can sell the game, and you might get some interested people to contribute.

Maybe in the future, but not now. If I open sourcing the code, the code will become public and anyone can use it, yes? In this project, I only do writing all code and the 2D/GUI assets, but the 3D is not (I looking for help in the 3D assets tho), so well, i will give it some thought.

Well, it wouldn't exactly be "public" depending on the license you choose. And open sourcing the software side of the game does not let people play the game for free if you keep the assets non-free.