Rara Project is not Dead Yet!!

Hi, everyone!

It's been month since last time I work in this project. Maybe you think that this project is dead. But it's not!!
Last time, if I remember correctly, I said that I will continue the project when Godot 3 is out. And here we are, Godot 3 is finally in beta!
Tho, Godot 3 has been out for months (alpha version), but I currently work for another company, so I don't have much time to work in this project, but now my work there is almost complete, so I can use my spare time to work in this project again! Yay!!

> Programming: As you see in the screenshot I attach in this post, currently I ported my Project from old version of Godot to Godot 3, because a lot of thing is different there, so there is a lot of things to do to Port the Project.
> 3D Model: I use old model, tho , they are just Placeholder, and free assets I downloaded from Internet, It become so beautiful rendered In Godot 3 (With my limited knowledge of 3D rendering). Next time, I'll recruit 3D modeller for this project, maybe after the art is progressed.
> Art: Last month I recruited someone to work the Art Elements of the game (Character Design, In Game Sprites, etc), Maybe in january I'll start posting some Art here. You want to know who I recruited?? Well maybe next time!! :p

When the game looks more beautiful, I will start creating rewarded donation here. It's one of itch.io feature, basically it's like donating in Crowdfunding (like Kickstarter, IndieGogo, etc), you will get some reward like, name in the credit, limited edition of wallpaper, free copy of the game, etc, you will get reward if you donating some money here.

That's it for now. Oh I forgot, please follow me, follow my Youtube Channel to get update on this game, and also like and share this post. Thank you!
Cheers! :D

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